Adi Marsell

For those of you who don’t know me, I’m Adi Marsell and currently a sophomore at Fremont High School. Growing up, I was always involved in extracurricular activities including
soccer, basketball, softball, FFA, as well as showing hogs and lambs. Even with all of those taking up a lot of my time, I knew something was still missing. Being a big believer in the
2nd amendment, I decided to give shooting a try and loved it.

I started to shoot competitively around 2 years ago. Since then, shooting has been
such a big part of my life and never failed to award me with opportunities, and life
lessons. When I was asked to be a part of the youth committee, I knew it was an
opportunity I wanted to take. Being a part of the UTYESS youth committee has been
such an amazing experience. It has shown me how to carry myself through the
highs and lows, work hard, and how to be a remodel in representing those around
me. For my future goals, I plan on attending college to become a large animal vet,
shooting along the way. I am looking forward to years to come, and all my friends
and athletes along the way.

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