Nate Hagy

My name is Nathanael Hagy, I am a senior at Carroll Senior Highschool, and I have been participating in the sport of Clay Shooting for 6 years. Throughout the years I have met and gotten to know many amazing people and have had the opportunity to grow in my community and as an individual learning how to be a good teammate, opponent, and leader.

While clay shooting has been one of my main focuses in my high school career, academics still came first and foremost. If my grades began to slip below where I wanted them to be, I would take a bit of time off from other activities and get it back where it needed to be.

Academics came with their own set of challenges. Growing up and going to Southlake Carroll, we strive for excellence and take the classes to support this. In my four years, I have taken majority AP and Honors courses obtaining an A average in most. Even while taking these advanced courses, I have made sure my GPA has never gone below 3.75. To go along with these, I had the privilege to be inducted into the National Honor Society my senior year. NHS had always been my goal for high school so to succeed in it I felt a great sense of accomplishment and confidence in myself knowing if I put my mind to something I can succeed.

Outside of both school and shooting I have tried to be as active in my community as possible, while also sharing the word of God which is extremely important to me. I have volunteered at my local church, Southlake Baptist, for the past two years in the student ministry division. 1 have taught students on Sundays in what we call Quest, and I also took a week in Summer to volunteer in our Vacation Bible School. It was a super fun chance to get kids in our area excited to learn about God and get to know each of them. I greatly enjoyed talking and teaching kids who in today’s day and age need guidance and help and at times from someone who isn’t their parents. I was honored to have filled that role and been able to share something that has greatly benefited my life.